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WPA3 being released in 2019

Well known that WPA2 can be infiltrated by 3rd party users
using KRACK method, the WFA has now made direct plans
on how to solve the problem with the security holes of WPA2.
When WPA3 will be applied via firware updates to routers…

you don’t have to fear that your WPA2 devices won’t be able to be connected using WPA2 anymore as WPA3 still has a fallback mode called WPA3-SAE Transition Mode. SAE is important as it is the technology behind the hardened security of WPA3 that ensures a bigger resistance against Hacks to calculate the WPA password offline. Therefore it isallows the combined Usage of AES and SHA1/MD5 where the later ones are considered unsafe.

So while WPA2 seems to be hackable it’s still most unlikely that your network will get hacked. the main target are still corporation offices where private users might use homebrought routers for convenient access to corporate networks. However a well-organized corporate network won’t grant private routers access to the network infrastructure at all.

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