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Foldable smartphones soon released!

Foldable phones were invented back in 2004 when the Nokia
2650 had it’s debute. However the “folding” was only for the
technics behind and not for the display as such. In 2018 there
are two companies showing concepts for release soon.

For instance the Royole FlexPai… Royole first announced it’s foldable smartphone which will become available in 2019.

The design looks okay and the mechanism looks solid. Yet it has to be shown in physical tests if the screen will be able to perform a lot of bendings without any damage.

The FlexiPai is said to withstand at least 200’000 bendings and it’s display offers a 1920×1440 resolution on a 7.8″ diameter.

A Snapdragon 8-series CPU with 6GB or 8GB of RAM as well as 128 to 512GB of eMMC will give the phone good power to go. If you need more storage, you can insert a 256GB microSDXC card. For pictures you can use a 16 or 20MP camera.

And now there’s Samsung with it’s “Foldable”. Samsung follows a similar concept however there’s no physical device to hold in your hands yet where the FlexPai is already available physically. With Google supporting foldable Displays natively in Android, we might see some new Foldables in the near future!

Samsung’s Foldable has only so much shown  that the display will scale at 7.4″ diameter which is a tad smaller than the FlexiPai. But there are no other specs available yet.

Prices are only known from Royole which will range at approximately 1200 US$ up to 1800US$ for the top line model.

Samsung did not mention any price yet but let know that production will soon start!


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