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Proxima Centauri b Exoplanet

Living outside the protecting sphere of our planet is
unthinkable. The space is too cold, too air-less and
possibly other things that eradicates a man’s life fast.
But there are planets with similar life conditions.

One such is Proxima Centauri b Exoplanet. The planet’s conditions meet 85% of Earth’s life conditions and thus is a candidate for mankind living outside planet Earth. With a distance of 4.2 light years, the planet is rather close to Earth yet it doubtful that we will try habitating that exoplanet in the near future. Travelling with lightspeed still isn’t available and even if we made it there, it’s doubtful if we can survive there because Earth-like conditions do not automatically mean that life also is possible. The biodiversity might kill us at the first breath taken there.

But the discovery is a sensation of itself and again makes us think: Is life outside Earth possible?

The video shows a simulation of Proxima Centauri b

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