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Apple… you can’t be serious!

Apple has done many lawsuits in the past. And one was about their logo where
it was hard for me to find similarities that may infringe with patents or copy-
rights of the Apple company in Cupertino (read here). This time I think, they’ve
gone too far! A small tea room owner got sued for her logo she has patented.

But if you look closer to the logo, can you spot anything that may be “dangerous” for the IT specialist company many of us are currently worshipping?

I say, NO! What has a tea room (also selling cakes and pastry) to do with computers and iPhones? NOTHING!

Yet the attorneys at Apple’s law department seem to be really bored that they have to pick on a small shop located in Bonn, Germany.

This is by far ridiculous and depending on my yesterday’s entry on how NOT to make good PR, it is good for Apple NOT to continue this rather ridiculous lawsuit against a small bakery&tearoom in Bonn.

logo of the small bakery & tearom in Bonn Actual Apple logo in red


Sorry, Apple, you’ve done better and not even Microsoft is suing SwissWindows for their logo!
And these Logos look more similar than Apfelkind’s logo and Apple’s logo!

Swiss windows logo Microsoft Windows logo

If Apple is really taking full action against for their logo, then Apple has lost all my respect!

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