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Apple vs. Fangguo Food…

You may ask now what the heck is going on? Apple against the rest of the
World? If you read articles like this one, you may think exactly the above.
In this case, Apple says, the Logo of the food company looks too similar to
the well-known Apple logo. For me, it looks more similar to the LG logo…

But hey, Apple tries to sue everybody now. Recently they sued Samsung for having a similar-looking tablet on the market and they won! Samsung has no permission to sell the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Europe until further notice. And Apple seems to Sue everyone on design patents.

This time they sue Fangguo Food for their logo. Apple says that the logo looks too similar to the bitten apple…

But decide yourself:

Apple logo Fangguo logo LG logo

I say, the logo is much more similar to the Lucky Goldstar logo then to the Apple logo. Why? Because of the circles inbetween. Furthermore the Apple logo is held in a glassy way while LG and Fangguo use a plain single-colored shape. So I wouldn’t ever think of Apple when I would see the Logo of Fangguo Food… but I’d rather think: Hey, they have a similar Logo to LG…

So what the heck is in the mind of Apple’s law departement. Are they bored? have they already imprisoned all fake iPhone manufacturers or dies Apple need more money (not that they already are the richest company in the world and even outwitted Exxon Mobile)

Believe it or not: I really like Apple products. They are good, no questions asked. But the last 4 monts Apple develops to the next Microsoft. While Microsoft is no longer trying to force a monopoly, Apple seems to take over that part and they do it with methods, I really detest!

Any my next question: Apple, quo vadis!

By the way: LG hasn’t sued Fangguo Food for their logo. There are no messages around that LG has ever sued a company for a similar-looking logo anyways…

If Apple continues to sue everybody, they will loose more and more of their reputation and sooner or later, people will stop buying Apple products no matter how good and innovative they are! And the fact that they want to set foot on the chinese market, it is a rather bad idea to upset the chinese market and people with such actions.

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