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And the pixel race goes on…

So just few days ago I have shown that the new phone
displays in the upcoming devices with Android will have
displays with approx. 346 ppi and thus little sharper than
the Retina display in the iPhone 4.Today I stumbled upon news that Toshiba plans to make displays with a whopping 2560×1600 resolution on 6-inch displays.

So this would bring up a final resolution density of 498(!), yep you read right, fourhundred and ninety-eight ppi! The Retina display, which already looks crisp and sharp to the human eye “only” has 326 ppi. But even on the Retina display you can hardly see the pixels.

This is the actual size on a 22 to 24 inch display:
On the 132ppi panel you may see the spot yet I marked in the large image…
The 244ppi panel lets you barely see the highlighted pixel
And finally on the 498ppi panel you can hardly see the spot (due to the lo-res picture)

A closer look lets you probably imagine how sharp it is!
The picture is yet scaled down by ⅔ of it’s size
Please click to enlarge it to it’s full size

I guess you get the idea what’s acomin’ to us! However it’s unlikely that we will see such displays in the next 12 months…

In Japan, by the way, QuadHD is already active and even in Europe Toshiba starts selling the 55ZL2G which comes with a QuadHD resolution! QuadHD means 3840×2160 pixels.

But I guess, 8’000 euros is a hefty price tag. And the QuadHD is only in plain mode visible. When you use 3D mode, each pixel is divided by three (3×3 lenses) to reproduce a 3D effect without glasses! That means, 3D movies are seen with 1280×720 pixels for real – still good but not perfect…

Also it’s doubtful that TV stations will send programs with such a high resolution. I wonder how far the AVC codec my come on a bluray. But at least 160 MBit/s of videostream data is needed to flawlessy reproduce such resolutions. This mentionned, you may only squeeze about 40 minutes of QuadFHD material onto a dual layer BD with 50GB! So another disc format to come? Maybe BD-XL may help out where 4 layers can hold up to 128GB!

Although some sources on AVC/H.264 say that it can only encoded up to 1920×1080 (FullHD), so probably a new video codec and hardware will be mandatory!

Other surces state that the AVC/H.264 codec with a new motion prediction model can render at 300 MBit/s which will render a 186MBit/s Quad FullHD movie with very little noise!

Let’s see what we will get in the next 3 to 5 years…

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