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Storage crash – Wine spill!

Usually, Boards tend to acoustically notify you about a forecoming collapse.
The following video shows that a shelf, that has worked fine for 31 years, can
instantly collapse without further notice. In that case, more than 6000 wine
bottles crashed and flooded the market with lots of wine.

Interesting fact is that the shelves seem to be rather odd-designed where the load is carried with a rather long crutch resulting in very deep shelves. I wonder if the clerk of the store has checked the load-carrying parts of the shelf on a regular time basis. Maybe a bent crutch might have caused the immense collapse that seemed to work like a domino.

Impresseive also that the store has put it’s website into the video. A rather strange way to make advertisement for the shop…

Watch the crash here:

Same thing, another store and a rather slow-collapsing shelf that showers the clerk with bottles and wine:

And while fun lasts (although earthquakes aren’t fun at all):

So better leave the storage facility when the earth starts shaking!

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