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Not everybody is suitable for a luxury car!

This strange video shows that the holder (italian guy according to the italian
license plate) totally misunderstood the usage of a power cleaning hose. Most
of all car holders know, that it is only used to remove very crusty dirt, the
brushes in the washing facility cannot remove. But the interior of the car?

All I can say of now is, that the car now seems ruined. The moist will pull into the upholstering foam of the seats. The result is clear. No good venting and high humidity will definitely result in mold. But not only sprayed he the seats of the car, no, this guy also completely washed the console and gear lever with the power hose. What an idiot! I guess, the car’s microswitches behind the console and operating elements now will soon start malfunctioning because of corrosion.

A perfectly good 80k Euro car ruined.

What could lead someone do such a stupid thing?

  1. He is from the mafia and transported a dead body in the car
  2. Something bad-smelling happened to the car so that watercleaning is the only consequence
  3. The car-holder is just a big idiot who does not know the proper usage of a power cleaning hose

All in all watch the video and forge your own opinion.

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