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Is this, what our society will soon be?

This really shocking video comes  from Foshan, China. In midst of a shopping
strip, a two years old girl is walking on the street. The driver of a small van
however did not see the girl or ignored her for whatever reason. He probably
heard a damped thump and stopped…

But then he drove off leaving the severely hurt girl to her fate!

Although one could say there’s a massive overcrowding ongoing in China (they have 1.33 billion people living in China according to the census 2010), it is still very sad to see how careless many of the people are there. Almost a dowzen of people walk by the inanimate body of the girl. Another van also rolls over the girl probably giving her the fatal injuries that may lead to death as the doctors of the hospital say, where the comatose girl is now located. They don’t put up much hope for the girl surviving this very sad accident.

WARNING! This video material contains non-suitable scenes for younger viewers and those who are subject to break down when viewing accidents.

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