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Munich to be #2 next year in the Top500 list?

Today I have read an article on c’t that the Leibniz Rechenzentrum  in Munich is about to
build up a new building that shall house a new 3 PFlops/s supercomputer that is being
built up with 14’112 SandyBridge-EP processors providing 112.896 cores for calculation.
If it goes online next year, it could be #2 on the Top500 list. The leader does 8 PFlops/s.

The new supercomputer shall be part of the european PRACE project. However the Free state of Bavaria has to fork over a whopping 84 million euros to make the dream of being the second on the Top500 list come true.

On the other hand I wonder what other supercomputers that beat the actual #2 (2.5 PFlops/s) are currently built up. I suppose, the USA are already doing a similar project that can be faster than SuperMUC, as the new supercomputer will be called. Well, the race is open again.

The key to the new building is given to the LRZ directors

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