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Fun for the start of the week…

I hate grey days. They make me somewhat depressive! So here’s some
video stuff for you to sweeten the week’s start although weather appears to
be grey and cold. That’s autumn! The steps to wintertime aren’t far away any-
more. I am interested to see how much snow this year may come down (if any).

However I’d like to have white christmas…

This is, why american washing machine manufacturers earn so much money. The following machine seems to rock itself to “death”.

I don’t know why the machines are so heavily shaking over there. In Europe, the machines stand safe and sound with no problems at all… Maybe they should hire european engineers who show them how to build better washing machines. What astounds me more is, that even the big machines are top loaders… very uncommon to ours which you can (un-)load from the front what appears to be much more comfortable in my opinion.

Rock-a-bye machine:

This is, how solid german washing machines can be:

Dang… even concrete blocks cannot break the machines for at least 5 minutes:

And this “good” Privileg washing machine even survived a near-breakdown of the motor…

Privileg is a cheapskate brand from Quelle (a mail-order business, no longer operative)… but this machine seemed to be a bit more qualitative when thinking about all the stuff it had to swallow…

So how to keep son and mum busy?
Simply use “stick bombs”. Appears to be something like Domino although I am not familiar with the way you “play” these. Interesting physics anyways but mummy will need some time to clean that up:

This guy needed 18hrs to build up this track:

In less than 20 seconds, the whole track was blown up and the guy had to clean up 5076 sticks and 18 hours of work… Way to go!

Still bored? Why not build a square of matches to fire it up and watch a chain reaction?

Happy monday and keep smiling!

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