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iOS5 and the kinks with the update…

Okay, it’s well-known that Apple has released the iOS5 update today. I hooked
my iPhone to my laptop as well and wanted to apply the update. Nothing special
you think because Apple=Plug it in, switch on and you’re done! Sounds nice but
ain’t always the truth. So here’s my update-odyssey of my iPhone 4 to iOS5…

First, I had to backup my device and synchronize everything with my computer. Went well so far… nothing special. Then I had to update iTunes to 10.5 (yes it IS mandatory to use that version for iOS5 update).

There was the first tree in my way on the iOS5 highway… Bummer! An error during the update occured, okay… may happen. The second try went good. Seems as if iTunes has trouble updating 5 software updates during one update session…

So I am ready now for the update. Hitting the “Update” button in iTunes to get my iPhone up to code brought up another message: Some elements will not be restored to your iPhone as they have not been synchronized on this computer…

Huh? I just made a backup and also synchronized the phone 2 minutes ago?! What gives?

Well… I ignored the warning message and iTunes started downloading the 779MB package.

So everything’s OK now, is it? Nope. During the update process, iTunes reported that it could not extract the update file just downloaded. (Side note: Apple puts all your data from the iPhone on your system drive (usually C:) – in my case the smallest partition as I image my HDD partition quite regularly to prevent data loss.

Okay. After having freed some another 2 GB of free space, the update process finally began. Took about 10 minutes and the iPhone was flashed.

No worries here, the phone came back to the lock screen without any trouble. so the flashing was okay. Then the iPhone asked if it should restore from the previously backup that was made… (of course I want to have all my data back, so yes is the only answer here)

So… another 2(?) minutes, the iPhone restarted (2 minutes – 26 GB restore…. quite fast in my opinion) and brought me back to the well known home screen. But what was that??? A lot of apps were just missing?! YIKES!

Then I finally found out what went wrong. iTunes had the great idea to unhook all synching options due to the warning message. So no enhanced data was restored during the restore process…

Okay, another try and activating all the synching options. Now it took more than an hour to bring back all my music, videos and apps. The result looked fine so far but with one bad effect. all apps were no longer sorted according to my grouping I had before. It can be really annoying to sort 145 apps by hand again that were spread over 8 homescreens! Gheez!

2 special ringtones have also not been synched as iTunes still has that ridiculous 30secs limit for m4r-audio (Ringtone files). I hate such limitations.

Well… all in all it’s not just click’n’happy with Apple. My example shows that you can run into much trouble when you upgrade your iDevice’s OS!

I don’t know how the update process goes with Apple hardware but on the other hand I am too lazy to buy an Apple hardware and I don’t have the simoleons to burn right now on the hardware… maybe next year…

October 12, 2011 Netspark - 1594 posts - Member since: May 9th, 2011 2 Comments »

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2 Responses to this entry

  • Pianoman says:

    There’s only one issue:
    You’re using Windows! :-)
    Stay in OSX and everything IS click’n’happy.

    Posted on October 13th, 2011 at 11:49 Reply | Quote
  • Avatar photo Netspark says:

    Interestingly, Rosiv told me that he ran into similar problems updating his iPad2 on a Mac! So it’s not Windows to blame alone but rather Apple seems to have a bit trouble with this update. Also a workaround has already been issued in Apple’s KB database.
    Windows ain’t that crappy if you know how to use it and other programs just run fine with it. I think it is still Apple’s inner hate on Microsoft that iTunes on Windows can be icky sometimes.
    And forcing someone to use OSX just with the reason that Windows is shit, isn’t a good argument at all because OSX also has flaws. Even you had trouble with OSX when it didn’t find your Bootcamp installation of Windows anymore due to an update… remember?
    It can happen to OSX at any time, too!

    Posted on October 13th, 2011 at 13:28 Reply | Quote

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