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Logi… WHAT?!? – Logicool?

When browsing on Wikipedia and reading an article on Palto Alto, CA, I also
stumbled over Logitech who have a headquarter in Palo Alto. So I thought,
hey, why not read about Logitech once in a while. During my reading I noticed,
that in Japan, Loitech seems to be “Logicool” and thought of a plagiarism.

I thought, hey, is Asia copying Logitech or what? You often hear of cell phone plagiarisms like “Nokla” or “Motorolla” or “Aple HiPhone” and such things. And the suspicion was given that Logitech could be also a victim of plagiarism.

But no, the reason is something else. According to Wikipedia, Logitech could have faced lawsuits in Japan, as Elecom has used the brand name “Logitech” in early 1972 and later in 1982 a company named ロジテック rojitekku (Logitec) also specialized on selling computer peripherals and consumer electronics. That’s the reason why Logitech has simply renamed into “Logicool” while retaining the well-known logo.

Strange things happen all around the world, that’s for sure!

Oh and by the way… there’s also a Logicool App for the iPhone to browse Logicool’s sortiment of products online. Seems as if the classical browser website ain’t that cool anyways on the iPhone…

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