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HDMI goes V2.1 – 8K on the go?

Socionext has announced a new chip series that will
be capable of processing 8K video and send it over
HDMI v2.1 – Yes, a new version of HDMI is spotted!
But most AV components still run HDMI v2.0…

So while 4K seems to have landed now and getting available in a reasonable quantity to rectify an investment in 4K equipment, the problem is that new standards usually makes the investment into new hardware necessary.

First TV being capable to show 8K are already announced but are they equipped with HDMI2.1 already? Most likely not as the chip from Socionext will be available from March 2019. So What’s it all about with 8K when you’re not able to get any hardware that can at least physically be upgraded to playback 8K with a native solution for HDMI2.1?

Even cables aren’t certified for HDMI2.1 yet so you won’t have a chance here either! But if the new version of HDMI gets certified, then we also see new speeds of up to 48GB/s to be transferable. that is sufficient for 8K60p

However this is again some hardware-sided update which most of the recently released AV components do not include. So still wait for new hardware with the new chip being implemented or go for good ol’ HDMI2.0?

Buying TVs which can display 8K isn’t wise now as they just have HDMI2.0 inside. Samsung uses a technique and bundles 2 HDMI lanes into one to produce an 8K60p stream but it also means that still other components will just output 8K3p at best or 4K upscaled.

No way for me to go! 8K I’d pay, 8K I wants!

So this is still to be observed and no need to act without thinking first!

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