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More idiotic thieves…

Yesterday we have shown a guy who tried to steal a bike
just in front of a police station. We have received some
more hilarious footage from idiots who don’t know what
surveillance is and when they stop looking around.

Number 1:

This guy breaks into an Australian Pub. He uses a keg to smash the insulation glass panel of the door which seems to be pretty resistant.

Multiple attempts are taken to get into the premises just to find out that the dor wasn’t even locked. But the thief however was caught on camera and later sentenced for breaking into the pub!

Number 2:

The following footage shows a car theft attempt gone wrong. The police was on tail of the car thieves and tried to catch them before something bad happens. The police was unsuccessful as the thieves had the glorious idea to switch lanes and flee in the opposite direction. Possibly a good masterplan if there wasn’t a bus coming along and hitting the stolen car. The thieves were imprisoned afterwards…

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