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Sandisk revealing 4TB USB stick!

The CES was a great success for most of the exhibitors.
Also SanDisk has shown some gadgets that have the
“must have” factor. One of these is a prototype of a
USB Stick that holds up to 4TB of data.

Although it is not one of the classic USB sticks that have the connector directly at the housing, this stick comes with a USB extension plug.

So technically one would not say it’s a stick but rather title it as an external drive in stick format.

Although the size of 4TB is really good, it’s just a concept and it’s doubtful if Sandisk will ever release these Flashdrives for public market.

Today’s flashdrives with up to 2TB come from Kingston and cost more than 1000 US$. Imagine then what this 4TB model would cost. We would expect prices between 2200 and 2500 US$.

And we believe that hardly anyone would fork out so much money for this flashdrive as external SSD cases filled with a classic 4TB SSD are way cheaper (roughly 800 US$).

So what is shown here is a nice concept, yes but we do not believe that it’ll reach market status at all. Maybe in 3 years when prices for big flash drives have dropped significantly.

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