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iOS12 and my experience

When it comes to marketing, Apple for sure knows
how to entice the customers with big numbers and
well-sounding phrases. But with the release of iOS
12 and it’s improvements, Apple didn’t exaggerate!

The improvements may appear subtle on newer devices but as the update will be available back to the devices built in 2013. Not only is that a 5-year-support on devices that usually are replaced every two years (especially contract users) but also are 5 years a long time in the IT field.

So while Android users are mocking Apple for being a premium company, I must however admit that their efforts and appeal to use old devices way longer are successful. While iOS11 was not that anticipated as it slowed down older devices significantly, iOS12 found it’s way back to where Apple usually belongs. Building new stuff while maintaining it for the existing devices.

For instance the camera app. In iOS11 you had to wait a certain time until you could do a picture. By now it is really fast. Am surprised myself how fast you can switch from the lockscreen to the camera app now.

Apps, well, say the Safari Browser is a tad faster now and even loading complex pages seems faster now. Messages are opened faster as well. No blank screen to look at for several seconds until more complex conversations are opened.

The lockscreen seems also more responsive now and not stuttering. The opening of the home screen from the unlocking is now more fluent.

Widgets however seem to be unloaded from memory to make room for background-running apps now. You will notice Widgets to reload their content once you scroll them out of view and back in. Something I can live with however as the reload of the content in iOS11 seems to have been stuck. Now iOS12 is forcing Widgets to reload showing the actual content more accurate.

The downside of this? Your phone will report a consistent memory usage of about 90 to 95%. What sounds crazy in the PC world is normal for iOS as it working fine with storing and releasing data/apps in the memory. So no fears necessary that your device will deadlock once the memory hits 99% or even 100% (haven’t seen that though!).

An iPhone 6 for instance receives a major speed boost of up to 50% on different apps of Apple while newer devices still can benefit from a speed boost of 10 to 20% depending on the app and type of device you use.

It seems as if iOS12 will be the first successor of the iOS line that will boost the spread of itself worldwide where people refused to update to iOS11 according to various statistics and negative experiences.

A point of criticism is always good to make a company regard it’s update policy, however it seems as if other companies based on Android don’t see it the same way. Most more modern smartphones running Google’s OS are simply cut out when it comes to updates. Although the kernel of Android doesn’t change much, it seems to be too much effort for the companies to update their UI to the newest version of iOS and urge customers to buy a newer device after 2 years or so. But why would you discard an otherwise fine-working device just because the company behind it refuses to lift their OS and UI to the newest version. It’s like: “The car’s ashtray is full, trash it and buy a new one”!

For what I can say is that my device still has over 60% battery capacity although I did a lot today. Normally the battery would already hit the 50% barrier or tear it down. So by now I’ll keep an eye on it but what I see for now is that iOS12 is a remarkably improvement to iOS11. Let’s hope that Apple won’t build some brakes into it with the upcoming releases again.

And what about the Androidians who usually mock the iOS users for their usually sluggish OS being used with ever-so-expensive-hardware?

Well… most of them went silent, thinking of why their company isn’t supporting their yet cheaper but newer smartphone anymore… however a Samsung S9+ or Note 9 that easily scratches the 1000 $ barrier as well isn’t that cheap anymore.

Oh… one more thing™: Just recently a woman in New york had to find out that her brand-new Note 9 became burning-hot and self-incending while she was in an elevator. Not that what someone wants to happen to him-/herself while entrapped in a narrow room.

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