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Squirrels with entangled tails

Now this is what you don’t see often. A bunch of
squirrels got into a miserable situation while in
their nest. Five squirrels had such bad luck when
their tails entangled. Luckily they were found.

As the finder of these 5 entangled Gray Squirrels saw them in their misery he instantly took action and with that he possibly saved their lives.

Hectic as they are, they had to be anesthetized to allow the care team to get all of them loose again as grass and plastic straws made their tails entangle.

After 20 minutes of careful snipping and cleaning, their tails were freed from the entanglement and they are now back to health again. However they are under supervision for another two days in case circulatory impairment in their tails would return causing the loss of their tails, which are essential for balance and warmth, due to necrosis!

Happy end!

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