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Threadripper 2990WX listed in shop

If you ever thought about buying an AMD Ryzen
Threadripper 2990WX, then you can do so now at
a canadian online shop. The price is roghtly about
2400 CAD which comes to about 1850 US$

Interesting to see that the thread monster from AMD with a whopping 32 cores now finally hits stores. Okay, the price tag may be high though but hey, you get a lot of bang for the buck.

There were already some benchmarks showing interesting numbers – click here – but yet the processor has not been spotted in the public.

AMD Ryzen 2990WX enlisted at CCE

Interesting to see that the search tool however does not show up the processor as such.

The link is rather a cached version of the search:

Although there’s an error message popping up, the website then lists the processor as shown above.

This is everything the website lists for now:

Although it’s tempting to have one o:

If these puppies on your board you’ll notice that even this store hasn’t seen any of them so far and the stock indicator says zero everywhere. So you’ll still have to wait until that processor gets available in significant numbers to the public.

Till then the price may be subject to changes as well.

And yes, with this TDP your board should be ready to supply that power amount reliably or else you might toast your board or at least the VRMs.

Finally again there’s to say that a webshop has probably fired too quickly as with the native shopsearch the processor isn’t listed (anymore)!

Update August 5th, 2018:

It seems as the release roadmap has gone bit clearer now!

The 2990WX will hi the store in August.

The 2920 and 2950 (12 and 16 cores – for Gaming) as well as the 2970WX (24 cores) will be released from September to October.

While the WX models are all reated with a TDP of 250W, the gaming models will hae a TDP of just 180W. First mainboard manufacturers (ASUS i.e.) have already announced Updaes for their Threadripper mainboards.

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