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VLC bans certain phone models

If you have a smartphone from Huawei, you might
have noticed that for some reason VLC Player is
not available for you in Google Play Store. Why?
VLC has received negative ratings from Huawei users.

The reason why Huawei users have rated VLC bad is that certain models from Huawei have such a rigid energy management that Playback of Music and/or video is impossible as soon as the phone enters Lock screen state. In this state only Huawei’s own apps will still function in the background. Third-party apps, among these also VLC is, instantly are put in stop mode which means: Phone locked -> no media playback. Period!

But also other essential functions are instantly put on hold. So have some users reported that Android Auto would cease to function once Huawei phones enter Lock screen mode. That is indeed annoying when you have your navigation software running and as soon as the phone is locking screen… so is the navigation system!

back to VLC: It seems as if you can install VLC by downloading the .apk-file. and the playback in background function can be activated if users go to

Settings -> Apps -> Settings -> Special access rights

they can then allow the app to work even in lock state by activating the Settings -> Battery -> Launch option.

Although it’s good to have so much control over the phone and the apps’ access permissions, this might be a bit dig-deeping just to have an app working flawlessly.

I guess it’s up to the companies to inform the user about what might happen if very rigid energy saving mechanisms are active and how to circumvent them.

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