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Sony releases 48MP camera chip

Sony has just released a 48MP camera module for smartphones.
With a size of just 0.8μm per pixel this module is one of the
smallest and most high-resoluting CMOS sensor ever made for
smartphones. But what about the image quality?

As we know the smaller the sensor is, the bigger the noise is when taking pictures in low-light environments.

Sony uses a trick to improve quality: They simply check the data coming from the four neighbouring pixels in order to reduce the noise significantly.

However this also means a loss in detail in general. But also today’s sensors produce much more unsharp images in dark environment so the increase of the pixel number could indeed lead to besster images when scaling down to 12-20MP which is by far sufficient for pictures sent in social networks.

The first modules are shipped in September so that they can be tested by various companies like Apple and Samsung.

With a price of 3000 Yen (=27 US$) the chip is by far more expensive than today’s sensors in smartphones but once Sony has sold a certain quantity the price may drop by then.

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