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Wednesday… my return to Bern again!

I guess, you already missed my longer posts during my absence. So did I miss a fully
functioning Internet! Unbelievable but today you feel sorta naked if you don´t have
your usual ways of communication available for your convenicence. At least even
the smallest ‘nest’ does have an internet terminal to keep in touch with the world!

As you have probably read, WLAN in my hotel was as good as NOT present due to a real pesky solution where you must first connect to the WLAN and then enter a user and password on a proxy site to gain access to the internet.

This may work once but if you try again, the darn WLAN box won’t let your device connect to it and give you a valid IP address. So your device keeps trying and trying and will fail every once again! But the hotel staff told me that they are replacing the crappy old system for a better and faster one. So my next year’s stay might be slightly more comfortable and accompanied by my digital companions!

Time to fire up my big computer and upload all the nice pics I made of Badenweiler and Surrounding. Then to make a new post and show the pics to you aswell! Hope, you’re not as much sweating as I do, but 32 °C do their best and I hope, my computer’s cooling solution will once again proove well. At least I have my boss resolution (1920×1200) for editing posts very comfortably again. Was real hell to type posts with IE6, 800×600 resoution and an estimated waiting time of approx. 2 Seconds each word I typed on that old machine that seemed to have NIS installed which is a system resource eater all the way…

Ah and one more thing to complain about german cell networks. When I wanted to download a 5 MB app from the app store, it took me (hope, you have something to hold on…) 52(!!!) Minutes to do so.

Hey… even my old 33,6 KBit modem was ways faster than that. And then you read on all vodafone posters: The iPhone 4 … nice fast!

Sure, the iPhone 4 IS fast and reliable… but if you have a real poor network connection, you might get crazy and ask yourself: “What the heck are they advertising about???

At least I am back home in my Swisscom network with REAL 3G connection and guess what. The update of a 13 MB app took merely 12 seconds to complete! THAT’S what I call fast!

Enjoy your day as I do!

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