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When plugins go berzerk

WordPress amazes me more and more the newer the
releases become. While security reasons are important
to perform updates, the added new features can become
a real nuisance.

Every new update is like a “hot seat” with the question: “What will be broken after the update. Today I noticed that the “jquery Updater” plugin caused an interesting behavior. Titles of the widgets were radically hidden with the dynamically added “display: none” tag in the style section.

I don’t know where this comes from nor have I set up something like that. It just kept hiding my widget titles for absolutely no reason. So deactivating the plugin restored the original design again. But sad to sacrifice up-to-date compatibility for the sake of design breaks as some plugins know it better how my site has to be styled.

I hope the deactivation of the jquery updater does not interfere with any other plugins I have running. If you experience any user experience flaws (non-working widgets/plugins, posts that seem to miss features etc.) – let me know!

I will keep an eye on that… stay tuned.

As a matter of fact, jquery Updater was the one culprit. Deactivating however broke several functionalities. Fancybox 3 also caused some glitches (i.e. non-working links etc.) and last but not least it seems that some plugins were causing trouble at all (uji countdown… a plugin I’ve paid money for but was causing severe php issues rendering WP unusable at all!). With Jquery Version Control I was able to narrow down the erroneous behavior to certain JQuery Migrate versions and JQuery Core versions.


Finally found the necessary settings to have all working as desired… so far…

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