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And Apple lights the fire…

AppleWWDC20140909Only eleven more days to go until Apple lifts the curtains and
shows us our possible new communication companions. But
not only the iPhone 6(L) is/are to be presented. New rumors
came up telling that Apple will also show the iWatch.

So what will it be? A round clock like the sleek elegant Motorola 360 or the LG G Watch R? Or will it be more conservative like the Galaxy Gear/Gear2? In eleven days we will know more, for sure.

Since there’s already a post of mine about the iPhone 6(L), I just refer to that for all those who want to read about it.

While Apple itself keeps everything secret again, the rumors have spread the news like a wild fire. Whatever we will see then, the iWatch will be an eyecatcher and, if properly styled and enriched with functions, be the next Wow-thingy to obtain from them. The iPhone 6(L) itself also seems to light fireworks on September 9th, so there’s for sure some boost for Apple’s stock shares again.

And if Apple is also giving some sneak peek on the new iPads, well… you do the math, then Apple will probably hit the news again with record sales for 2014.

Am highly anticipated to see what’s just two weeks away from us. – Are you?


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