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Apple and September 9, 2014

AppleWWDC20140909September 9, 2014 could be another milestone for Apple. Not only
is the highly anticipated iPhone 6 to be shown then but also another
gadgets may be finally seen by the public. So what’s in this blog
entry for you? Let’s have a close look on some of Apple’s new things.

The most interesting and most speculated item is for sure the iPhone 6. Many rumors have hit the round so far and let’s have a look on them:

1. Two screen sizes

Apple is said to publish two iPhone 6 models. The larger one is said to have the name 6L (for “large”… I suppose). So will the iPhone 6 have a 4.7 inch screen at 1704×960 pixels and thus almost reach FullHD-Quality. The iPhone 6L will have a bigger screen but the same resolution. So technically, the iPhone 6 has a 483ppi screen density while the iPhone 6L will “only” reach 413ppi.

Possibility: 100% – The 2 model strategy is Apple’s answer on other competitors who already design their phones in two sizes. Mostly appreciated but hopefully Apple will release both at the same time despite their fear that the 6L could cannibalize the smaller 6 model…

2. NFC

Apple is said to stand in contact with major credit card companies to develop a micropayment system using a credit card and NFC. What is already known as “PayPass” with Visa and Mastercard and being used in Switzerland, for example, to allow customers process payments smaller than 50US$ without the hassle of a PIN request but only a simple flick with the card at a NFC-based PIN terminal. Same technology shall be used in the iPhone 6 as it is said.

Possibility: 100% – Since Apple has worked on this for a long time now and sees great potential to enhance it’s iTunes/AppStore experience with this feature, it’s most likely that this feature will become available in Apple’s newest phone series as other phone manufacturers already have the NFC technology.

3. Storage size up to 128 GB

Although lots of space is always wanted, Apple is most likely not to go beyond the magical 64GB barrier as it would raise the iPhone price into new stratospheres. I guess, Apple wants to stay below the magical 1000$ border and thus cap the memory size back to 999$. Even the iPhone 6L will not have more than 64GB memory storage.

Possibility: 75% – It is not clear to say if they really gonna cap the memory size as memory modules aren’t that expensive but Apple makes them expensive if you look at the memory size/price coeeficient.

4. Sapphire glass instead of Gorilla Glass 3

Apple has patented the sapphire glass processing for thin glass elements being used in smartphones and also being able to be used for digitizers. The advantage is, that sapphire glass is more resistible to scratches than Gorilla Glass. However it is somewhat more expensive and more subject to break when being hit hard. On the other hand: You don’t crush your phone on the sidewalk anyways.

Possibility: 50% – Apple is on the one hand tending to use sapphire glass as it has already proven well in it’s fingerprint sensor. On the other hand it is costy and would raise the price once again. So it’s a “maybe” feature.

5. Backlit apple logo

What’s already present in Apple’s MacBook Pro, is said to become available with the iPhone 6, too. First shots of the etched-out Apple logo on the back of the iPhone 6 hull might want to leave room for some speculations of this but I guess, the feature is more used for a hassle-free NFC functionality.

Possibility: 10% – Although it looks nifty, it would mean another power drain source. However a silent attention anchor for incoming calls would be nice. The flash is somewhat too bright. The apple logo either pulsating or flashing would mean a much more subtle notification indicator. Anticipated but it’s not gonna happen!

6. Bigger battery sizes

Apple is planning to spend the iPhone 6 a 1810mAh big LiIon-battery, the iPhone 6L should even get a 2910mAh battery pack to last even longer. Cool thing. That would make room for Option 5 but on the other hand, the A8 processor will take lots of juice and the bigger screen will also demand some more juice as there are now 1.6 MPixels per frame to be rendered smoothly! (the iPhone 5S comes with 0.7MPixel per frame).

Possibility: 95% – Battery pack sizes have been already spotted and the bigger housing allows the usage of bigger batteries also. Apple wants to compete with today’s phones from LG, HTC & Co. and put them into shadow by showing that the iPhone has more stamina with the same screen size, equivalent compute and GPU power and technologies involved! – Highly anticipated and the only way to go as an iPhone 6L wanting juice every 6 hours (average usage that is…) is not THAT fancy and cool!

7. WLAN 802.11a/b/g/n/ac

Since most mobile devices understand 5GHz already, the next step for Apple is to go WLAN ac and let users enjoy fast WLAN (up to 433Mbit/s using one antenna – that is!). Other manufacturers made their mobile gadgets also connect to WLAN ac so Apple is one of those to shift to the next gear and also compete with them. The usage of the Broadcom BCM21892 chip will most likely enable the iPhone 6 to communicate with the fastest networks. And not only this, because the mentionned chip has another surprise oncoming.

Possibility: 100% – Numerous pictures of the logic board show the mentioned chip being soldered onto and thus will definitely come with the new iPhone 6! – Great thing and way to go, Apple!

8. LTE Advanced (Cat. 6)

While LTE Cat. 3 was already implemented into the iPhone 5, 5C and 5S thus allowing downstreams of up to 150 Mbit/s and upstreams up to 40 Mbit/s, the LTE Cat. 6 could reach for 300 Mbit/s downstream and 150 Mbit/s upstream. In Switzerland, the Swisscom has already boosted their network to these speeds though there aren’t any capable devices out yet to profit from LTE Cat. 6. Another thing is, that the ITU defines 1GBit/s for LTE advanced, while 3GPP defines 1GBit/s at low mobility and 100 Mbit/s at high mobility. So let’s give the attention to the (more realistic) numbers given out earlier: namely 300/150 Mbit/s which is stil extremely fast in my opinion! The usage of the Broadcom BCM21892 chip will make this possible! The other sweet thing is, that Apple does no longer have to manufacture different devices for different countries. “One fits all” is the magic word here!

Possibility: 100% – Numerous pictures of the logic board show the mentioned chip being soldered onto and thus will definitely come with the new iPhone 6! – Another smart move, Apple!

9. Apple A8 processor

Since the A7 processor has become a great success, the A8 processor is the consequent development process of Apple and it’s new devices. Has the A7 processor a processor speed of 1.3/1.4 GHz, the A8 is said to be at 2 GHz, while other sources state, that the processor will claim speeds up to 2.6 GHz. The structure size will also be stripped down to 20nm from 28nm. So there’s room for more! The number of cores will stay the same. 2 cores should perform well. At least I didn’t run into flaws on my 5s yet.

Possibility: 100% – Soldered logic boards show the A8 on them. But the speed may be limited probably to something between 1.5 and 1.8GHz in order to save battery and outwit the competitiors!

10. Synchronous release of iPhone 6 and 6L

Some rumors say that Apple will release both size iPhones the same time, others say, Apple will hold back the bigger one till the end of 2014 in order not to cannibalize the iPhone 6. Although this might be a feasible reason, I think, Apple will do well to release both models at the same time since the user wants to select, which one fits best to him.

Possibility: 50% – Unsure on this one as there are different rumors making their rounds. However I hope, Apple will get them on track the same time.

11. iOS8, Touch ID for Apps

iOS8 will be aboard, that’s what many sources say and heck, why should Apple still stick to iOS7 when they work on iOS8 for several months now! Also Touch ID shall now be available for Apps in order to replace/support the password typing and increase safety to a maximum.

Possibility: 100% – Apple has tested iOS8 to full extent and it’s ready to be released. Anyway, Apple has released each new device with a new iOS also. the Touch ID feature will be available not only for the AppStore but also to Apps that rely on password typing and/or want to allow faster security processing (like 1Password). A cool feature I guess and iOS8 has some cool additions also. A fresh start for the iPhone 6.

UPDATE: The final iPhone 6?

iPhone6finalFeld&Volk seems to have been able to lay hands on the final assembled version of the iPhone 6
If this shows the final product… YUMMY!!!! (which means: Bought!)
You can’t ignore the similarity to the iPhone 3 series somehow.
But I like the full-glass front with soft edges!

Let’s see, what’s also on our wishlist…

Apple iWatch

Since Motorola, Samsung and LG already have them out for their phones, Apple also wants to become more hip again and also has published a patent about a smartwatch design.

The Motorola 360 is hell of a stylish smartwatch but only runs on Android with allfeatures enabled. On iOS, some of the features won’t run…

Possibility: 10% – Although Apple has already said, they’re thinking about a sportsgear like the Nike Fit, it’s not much likely they’re presenting a fully working smartwatch on Sep. 9th as they even don’t know for sure if they’re going round like Motorola’s 360 or stick to the classic rectangle design!

iPad Air 2 (mini)

Although it’s time for a refurbishment of the tablets, it’s highly clear that Apple won’t show the iPad Air 2. They’ve fully concentrated on the iPhone 6. However the iPad Air 2 is due soon and equipped with an A8 processor and the Touch ID feature for sure a consequent and logic development process.

Possibility: 30% – Maybe not on Sep 9th, but maybe a tad later, Apple is going to release the iPad Air 2 to the masses. There are already rumors out that Apple has pulled together some ideas to melt the iPhone and iPad much more together. And these two devices shall seamlessly communicate with MacOS X 10.9.

Apple SmartTV

Less is known about a SmartTV to be shown. Apple has no such plans spoken about yet and it’s doubtful that Apple will ever set foot on an already grassed territory being divided among Philips, Samsung and LG. Maybe we’ll see another set top box from Apple but a complete TV? Would come nice and Apple always had a good sense for good design but this is too big for Apple I suppose…

Possibility: 0% – Most unlikely as the device wasn’t anticipated the last two years either!

Whatever comes… September 9th, 2014 IS the date to follow Apple on their trails to the new gadgets.


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