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Switzerland shifts the next gear…

speed-test-netAs usual I am in front row when new things have to be tested. In this case it’s
cablecom and their new internet packages. The bandwidth has been ordered
(250/15) and was instantly set up. Not more then one hour did I have to wait
to benefit from the new speed. The result speaks for itself…

These are the results when accessing the Web at different locations:

3307839788 3307868695
Schönwerd, Switzerland Lausanne, Switzerland
3307871689 3308013022
Geneva, Switzerland Dijon, France
3308125139 3308007669
Ingolstadt, Germany Vienna, Austria
3308010326 3308017299
Rome, Italy Barcelona, Spain
3307878336 3307893577
Hamburg, Germany Warsaw, Poland
3307883291 3308047197
New York, USA Toronto, Canada
3308052997 3308037312
Mountain View, USA Los Angeles, USA
3308034603 3307891078
Tokyo, Japan Wellington, New Zealand
And my hometown is performing well, also… ;)

As you can see, my connection hits the 150 Mbit/s sweet spot even in the USA. the 200 Mbit/s mark is only taken in the near neighborhood. As soon as the distance becomes larger than 1’000 miles, ping times raise significantly and the reached speeds are dropping below 100 Mbit/s. Exceptions are bigger cities at the east coast such as New York and Toronto. They still hit the 100 Mbit/s sweet spot.

As always, you can verify the speedtest results by clicking the images which are linked to the speedtest result server. For bandwidth reasons, the images are locally stored on my blog site.

Final verdict:

You get what you pay for! UPC cablecom did a great job and for 129 CHF a month they’re offering a very good priced internet package containing free phone for swiss landline connections, 1’000 minutes on swiss mobile phones, 170 channels Digital TV including the Horizon set top box and the said 250/15 Mbit/s internet line. Not only do you reach high internet speeds, but even in the near field your speeds are ridiculously high. As always stated, these are best effort values and my vary upon the time. Oh, and one more thing: Your network should be scaled well if you want to have blazing fast internet. In my case, I have tested these speeds over a 5GHz Gbit WLAN 802.11ac network. WLAN and fast internet IS doable but you should know how to set up your network properly and your computer hardware should be at least an intel-based Sandy bridge / AMD-based Bulldozer system to handle such speeds. And you must check, if your network card can handle such speeds. a 300 Mbit/s WLAN card may already run into limitations as the 300 Mbit/s is always the gross speed. Then the line of sight of the computer to the access point also play a big role when it comes to max net speeds. If you also have lots of WLAN networks running on the same bands as yours, then you may also have difficulties reaching top speeds as your network card and/or access point has to filter your packets out of a big radio cloud. You”ll find yourself doing some research on the internet first should you plan to upgrade your internet line as frustration is faster to come than expected.

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