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Us, too! – Samsung vs. Apple

PunchAppleSamsungFunny to see… Apple just has released it’s iPhone 5S in a new flavour,
namely White-Gold (which looks good btw… I must admit!), and just
now, Samsung sees itself in a position to “fight” back and brings out
a Galaxy S4 that is all shiny-gold. Like I said before… “Us, too!”

Besides the fact, that the gold frame also will be available for the all-white model, it seems to me, that Samsung is sort of jealous.

Why bring out a similar color combination when the opinion of Samsung is that Apple has a rather mediocre design taste?

This is what the new models will look-a-like:


Looks like …umm… tussy-style…?


Admit it… this looks sort-of elegant anyways!

Besides that, the S4 has not received any other updates so those who already own an S4 would most likely not change their phone. For those, who intend to upgrade their smartphone… well, this could be a new option.

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