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Rien ne va plus – USA shuts down admins

USA_BrokeThe financial crisis over? For sure not. Although many indicators point
to a recreating economy, the USA has another black day in it’s history:
Last happening 1995 when Bill Clinton had to shut down administrative
services, the scenario has now happened again. 18 years later!

While the debt clock has etched the 5 trillion border in 1995 and caused the U.S. government and national parks to shutdown for some days and the retain of social payments, we speak of a 16.5 trillion debt in 2013 now.

This is an incredible sum of money to think about.

And speaking of that: Why do finacial rating agencies still attest a Triple-A status to the USA while the finance household is far away from healthy?

For sure the question remains unanswered if countries like Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the like would keep their AAA rating if they had to shut down parts of their administrative sector in order to take down the debt. As seen in 2011 and 2012, Europe has been shot into a deep recession as rating agencies have started to rank down the PIIGS countries for their national debts.

In the USA money seems no matter however. So while the media effective shutdown of the admins takes place, the FED has now a pink slip to print some more greenbacks in order to keep the moneyflow going and the dollar rolling. *Sigh!*

So the rating agencies are rightly confronted with the question: Why give USA a triple-A with such a high debt while the EU was artificially put into recession by downranking the debt score of the PIIGS countries which actually still have to fight with a low C score or B score at best? Even goalgetters like Austria and Germany are no longer Triple-A but ranked down to Double-A (which is still good but still also scaring investors away…). Is the USA here abusing their might in order to control the world economy to their advantage? Or is it just the inability of the country to confess to big financial problems that are swirling down the dollars.

16.5 trillion dollars (16’5000’000’000) speak a direct language and the future still looks grim that the USA is able to lower the debt rate in the next 5 years significantly!

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