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World Of Warcraft: Patch 5.4

WoW_IconWhile we’re still fighting the mighty foes from Patch 5.3, Blizzard is already
working on the next step of WoW and planning to release the next patch.
Besides some char class tweaking and new items, there are also new
battlegrounds to explore and fight on. The official trailer is available now!

As a passionate yet casual WoW gamer, I like the style of MoP and the upcoming patch once more gives a “must play” reason!

Although the hunt for new items is sort of a monster grinding a la Diablo III, the style is WoW-like.

But what works well for Diablo II must not be necessarily bad for WoW. At least it kept me playing my chars for some time now…

While many people cry, WoW got boring, it’s also these guys again who come back as WoW still marks it’s territory of MMORPG gaming.

So while we’re waiting for Patch 5.4 to be distributed and ready to play, have a look at the official trailer to get an idea of what we will face in the upcoming LFR, 10 and 25 raids!

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