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When Apps get tested unvoluntarily

FTP Client Pro AppSometimes one is detecting flaws in all sorts of Apps for
the iDevice. I have found out that my FTP Client Pro fulfills
most, yet not all my demands. So is the upload of pics from
the Camera Roll not possible. Time to check FTP on the Go!

Like all other Apps, FTP on the Go was quickly installed from the AppStore. The Pro version is priced at 10 US$ to the very moment. Quite an expensive App. So my expectations are extremely high.

So let’s describe my situation. As I type my blog on WordPress for iOS, I noticed that Uploads from images are always done as JPG. No choice to change that even if the iDevice stores the image as PNG. Darn that! So I checked FTP Client Pro to upload the image from my Camera Roll directly to my FTP storage and include the image by hand. But then a big TAHDUUUH! Nope, Dear user, our App doesn’t support Uploads directly from the Camera roll. You gotta find another way!

Okay, so while being a bit annoyed, I asked Uncle Google about my issue and how to solve it. And TADAAAH! The first result seems to be promising! FTP on the Go seems to be THE mighty tool for handling Files between iDevices and the FTP server.

So I got me the Pro version and checked the App. And believe it or not, yes, the App DOES support the Upload of Images directly from the Camera Roll AND as PNG. And besides of that, FTP on the Go allows you to use your iDevice to manage all the files on the FTP server as if you were using a full-featured computer (be it Windows, Mac or Unix).

So what are we talking of? The App allows you to directly edit fiiles on the FTP server with out any problems. Even pictures are shown as preview. And if that’s not enough, the App even supports syntax highlighting to allow you edit PHP, HTML and other programming language documents without the need of an additional editing tool. How cool is that? Why didn’t I find that App earlier on the App Store? Maybe the need wasn’t there before.

But with this swiss army knife at hand, I can now manage even complexer situations concerning my website and blog when using an iDevice. And with the time progressing, I also see the iPad to be a handy tool at hand when it comes to information gathering and data modification online.

Speaking of that: No I am not deserting my Windows computer nor do I turn my back on to Windows as both have their unique usage scenarios. While iDevices are conceted for mobility more and more, Windows devices still deliver more CPU power and gaming compatibility to the masses. Otherwise one could not explain, why Apple has recently decided to use an x86/x64-based platform for their new Super Mac Pro, which is indeed an eyecandy and somehow interesting power machine.

So what’s my final verdict on FTP on the Go Pro?

★★★★★ – Handling and Usage
★★★☆☆ – Price
★★★★★ – Functionality and Compatibility
★★★★★ – UI design
★★★★★ – Total rating

Price for the standard version: 5.00 US$
Price for the Pro version: 10.00 US$

Get more information on their homepage: App no longer available, site down…

So why do I give only 3 stars for the price tag though all the other factors are great? Well… I personally don’t mind high App prices if I consider an App extremely handy. And that’s why the overall rating (in my opinion the most important one!) is still full five stars.

However a test version of the App would greatly improve the acceptance among other AppStore users.

You’ll see another App review soon (Zeichentabelle) which deals with special characters like I did with the stars above.

Have a nice day!

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