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RAM prices going to increase

DollarStacksThe times of cheap RAM seem to be over, as memory manufacturers have set
their priorities to manufacture memory products for mobile devices.
Therefore, manufacturers of otebooks like ASUS and Acer are already
complaining about higher memory prices.

Average 4GB modules of DDR3 RAM were available for 15US$ at the beginning of 2013. Now the prices settle at 25US$ – an increase of 66%!

According to Digitimes, the situation may become even worse:

DRAM shortages, which started in early 2013, have become worse recently and may impact PC brand vendors’ performances in the second quarter, according to sources from PC players.

Commenting on the issue, Acer chairman JT Wang pointed out that DRAM prices are likely to continue rising as many DRAM makers have switched their production lines to manufacturing smartphone DRAM, leaving insufficient capacity to supply the PC industry. Even If DRAM makers decide to switch back capacity, it will still take about 3-4 months for the process to be completed, Wang said.

Because to its DRAM inventory will be depleted at the end of May, Acer’s new supply contracts in June with the latest pricing are expected to impact the company’s second-quarter results, dropping from profiting slightly to only breaking even.

Asustek Computer, at its recent investors conference, also noted that both eMMC and DRAM are seeing fierce price rises recently and the company stockpiled extra DRAM in the first quarter to handle demand for the second half.

The sources pointed out that brand vendors are all aggressively seeking and purchasing available DRAM stocks on the market as the supply chain is ready to start mass production for Haswell-based models in May, and the competition for DRAM supply is expected to turn fiercer in the second half.

It seems as if I have bought the RAM for my computer just at the right time, as prices for 64GB RAM may increase to a new height. The release of Intel’s Haswell processor may heat up the need of DDR3-RAM any further.

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