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Details about the Radeon 8xxx series

AMDVisionAMD has shown a detailed block diagram of it’s newest GPU family. So does
the “Volcanic Islands” family with “Hawaii” as the flagship GPU comes with
4096 Stream units on 16 computing units. With 256 texture units, 64 ROPs,
assisted from 4GB RAM with 512bit interface, the speed my raise significantly.

Yet there’s no release date known for the GPU but it is said that it shall be in Q4 2013. The GPU is manufactured in 20nm technology allowing lower heat dissipation while taking less power to feed the beast.

The full block diagram is visible here for those who are interested in more details:

volcanic-islands27zslxAlthough more complex, the Hawaii GPU reaches for new speed records.

So while AMD is working really hard on a new GPU series, the question is,what NVidia is about to bring out then.

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