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Net surveillance of U.S. Police without court order

mib_128It seems as if the spying on users in the USA is still ongoing and proceeding.
A confidential document has stated, that the FBI has scanned and read
E-Mails of suspected persons without prior notice. That is a severe breach
with privacy. The article is linked here.

The FBI always hides behind the Homeland security act that it is necessary to scan every internet traffic for terrorism attempts and possible notifiable signals that could lead into such. However the question is, if all that is really necessary and how far the privacy of each U.S. citizen may be violated unnotified.

The ACLU sees a critical tendency here and now warns about the things that are ongoing, hoping that the U.S. government is going to protect the privacy of normal persons.

A real eye opener is the following statement:

In enacting the ECPA, Congress concluded that customers may not retain a “reasonable expectation of privacy” in information sent to network providers. . . [I]f the contents of an unopened message are kept beyond six months or stored on behalf of the customer after the e-mail has been received or opened, it should be treated the same as a business record in the hands of a third party, such as an accountant or attorney. In that case, the government may subpoena the records from the third party without running afoul of either the Fourth or Fifth Amendment.

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