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3D gaming – then and now!

I think most of my readers my remember the times when 3D Games became
available on PC. We all remembered the moments when our expensive
500 DM card have been plugged into our PCs to be able to live 3D games
ourselves. So how has 3D Gaming changed within the past 15 years?

These two videos should explain it well…

Unreal – The first game for decent 3DFX game cards have set an unbelievable example what our computers were able to perform in 1996
Let’s remember: 1996, a Pentium 233 MMX was in the upper Performance segment and quite expensive… 3D cards were supplemental to our primary graphics cards and also expensive. in 1998 with the release of the first Geforce cards the beginning of the wide mass 3D gaming came to life…
Fortunately these cards did only drag a mere 40 Watts out of your wall outlet so power prices were not that much of an issue…

(Info for mobile users: This video streams 177 MB of data)


15 years later, technics have improved at an astonishing speed while costs to the consumer have not increased that much.
Impressive though what came to life on our gaming rigs. The following showcase demo underlines this pretty much!
Yet it is to mention that the showcase has been run on a Tri-SLI-580GTX system that not only costs a whopping 1500 Euros for the cards alone but also needs about 1000 Watts of power out of your wall outlet. So you better have a rather cheap power supplier in contract…

(Info for mobile users: This video streams 86 MB of data)

As time will pass on I think, Virtual Reality will become much more spectacular as hardware will imporove… Let’s see, what life will become another 15 years later!

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