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Financial Crisis in USA at an end?

As of today the U.S. Government has agreed to raise the debt level under the condition
to lower debts and state costs by 2.7 billion dollars within the next 10 years.
But as for now, the people seem very disappointed that the debt level raise will be a
reason for social and medical cutbacks and a possible tax raise…

The currency markets don’t look so keen on this either when compared to the Swiss franc:

The Euro noted an all-time depth at 1.1026 CHF (we had a In at 1.1453!!! – what an immense loss!)
The dollar noted an all-time depth at 0.7730 CHF (the In was 0.7930 – not that great)

As for now the business has yet started and still has a few hours to go.

The situation may disescalate until the end of the day… or it may not…

This is the video of the agreement announcement of US-President Barack Obama:

For all the swiss people today: Enjoy the national holiday!

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