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Day 1 at the CeBIT 2013

The first day at the CeBIT was a huge success for a technician like me. All the
stuff dealing with IT and the server techiques around are an El Dorado there. I
could gather a lot of information for my job, too and it’s no surprise that I found
the companies of the software used at my employer.

But for you, most of the information might not be too interesting so I will keep my comments short on the pictures.

Atrium Discovery allows you to asset all your server systems and stats incl. running tools/OSses with one click by defining a network range or network segment. For those who know ProactiveNet, Atrium also allows the build of a rudimentary application dependency tree.

Microsofts new Surface tablet. While the chiclet-style keyboard offers a good type feeling and the stylus giving you the look’n’feel of a digital notepad, the soft-keyboard isn’t providing you any tactile feedback and thus isn’t suitable for blindwriting. Better see it as an emergency solution, if typing with the onscreen keyboard isn’t an option for you, either!

Microsoft’s discussion podium. Did I mention that the large LED wall is great for presentations?

Usual blade systems housing HDD cages normaly offer 2 to 4 ethernet ports for failover. Imation takes the step ahead and builds in 8 GBit ethernet ports and 2 management ports, additionally 4 GBIC slots for fibre-channel connection. Pretty connective for a 3HUrackmount HDD cage offering 12…

…wrong 18 HDD. The special fact is that the same drive configuration tray is mirrored on the other half of the 3HU cage. One might have noticed that the disks at the bottom are sort of wrong-side mounted. But Imation told me it’s for good to reduce the vibration, the upper-mounted drives produce. Couldn’t determine that, as the system wasn’t operative.

Telekom with it’s really big information pavillon. Not many companies (except SAP and IBM) do have such big stands. Oh and once more. Big LED video walls simply are great and functional.

The interest in Microsoft’s new tablet is just great. Many people want to see the new tablet which is released just few weeks later on!

Developers are also welcome and take all your questions about Windows 8 and development.

Synology has interesting new products to show up: Here we see a SoHo-NAS…

…followed by an enterprise rackmount NAS-Solution… Impressive! The administration tool is also easy-to-use and allows the instant-configuration of RAID-Volumes and Disk-span-volumes. All over a web-GUI.

Powerful hardware in a very small case. Shuttle’s smallest and fastest barebone system. Why waste space for large cases when it goes ways smaller. The product display is interesting. The mirror-finished pyramid allows view-through on the product yet allows the visibility of the mirrored screen above. Clever advertisement…

A smaller model of the new Curiosity robot which is currently examining the Mars surface.

Think different… umm… big, that’s IBM’s quote here, I guess. No doubt anyways…

You wouldn’t believe, how quickly 9 hours can pass. There are some videos, I’ll put on later. – Our tour ends here for day 1 of 2 on the CeBIT 2013. So while some people might have expected some Consumer products, we had to do our IT business for our employers first. But the second day will be more directed onto Consumer Products.

Interesting to see how many big players on the market tend to offer Cloud services instead of the classic products. I will state them later on a bit more detailed, as it is 3am right now and tomorrow the Expo is destination at 10am.

Sorry, that the article came on later as expected but the evening was just too great with my friend’s cousin and her family. So no time for blogging at the evening.

Can’t promise that the 2nd day report will be up by tomorrow but I’ll try.


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