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AMD to release the Radeon HD7990?

While NVidia has thrown in their Geforce Titan, which settles a new record
in graphics performance for a single card, AMD now seems to try catching
up and according to a report on Fudzilla, the new “Malta” core, formerly
known as “New Zealand”. shall bring AMD back to the top.

As ASUS has currently 2 superclocked 7970 cores united on one card, this might come in unsuitable as the ARES II card is 1000 US$ heavy. Although the ARES II IS limited, it’s still doubtful, that all cards have already been sold.

AMD’s plans for the 7990 are 2 cores, 6GB DDR5, superclocked over 1GHz. Nearly the same specs as the ARES II, but with a less hefty price tag.

If the 7990 will be so successful, initial test will show. And will 2 7970 in CF be faster than one single 7990? The past has shown: 2 cards have more performance than one single card since one single cooler has to cool down two GPU the same time. Since the 7970 already pushes lots of data over the 16 PCIE3.0 lanes, it’s doubtful, too that the 7990 will have enough bandwidth via one slot to push all the data over it.

I personally expect some performance flaws here!

About the release date there are several voices: Some say, the card will be available within few weeks, others say, that it’ll become available in a couple of months…

So let’s wait and see what’s coming from AMD to fight the beast “Titan” from NVidia!

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