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Fast internet and browser limits!

So while the order of my new Horizon box has disappeared, I have reordered it
and with it the fast internet line Fiber Power 150. While the Horizon Box is still on
way, my new bandwidth seems to have already been applied. Puzzled to see
that my downloads boosted to roughly 17 MB/s I checked my line for speeds.

And believe it or not: My new line is already ready to use and the speed is just freakin’ out!


(In case, the server-side picture at does no longer show)

As you can see, the speed is at maximum, the ping is ridiculously fast and even the upstream is that what I requested for. UPC cablecom delivers 100% of the service I requested for. However be advised to test the speed with IE. Why, you ask? Well… funny thing: While Maxthon crashes all the time during the test, Firefox seems to stress my CPU to 100% while testing and seems stuck at roughly 120 MBit/s down. The IE also stresses CPU to roughly 70% but then gains the values shown to the left. In conclusion you can say that UPC cablecom has an excellent service and the bandwidth is really good. I don’t regret boosting my speed into new regions one would not have thought of 2 years ago!

And what really puzzles me is, that IE9 for once seems to handle things much better than Firefox or Maxthon although they seem to be fine browsers aswell. But sometimes it seems as if you should use internal tools to get realistic values.

And for all those who always bash UPC cablecom. Maybe you should give UPC cablecom a rest. They’re not always the ones to blame as fast internet requires lots of precautions to be taken, such as clean lines, good home-internal cabling and all the stuff.

You may probably ask what my infrastructure at home is. The test above has been taken with my notebook which is capable of handling 802.11n network speed at 300 MBit/s. having 7 networks in near surrounding, I am still dazzled to see that my WLAN is performing so well…

With a distance of 5m and one wall in between, this value is really good. I really like what I see here and once more my intuition about cablecom did not prove me wrong!

Good work UPC cablecom and thank you for the quick apply of the new bandwidth speed!

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