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Impatience… Cause of many deaths!

Impatience. Companion of our modern time. Rush hour, hurry, stress… they
all belong to the impatience that causes lots of trouble. The harmless things
are barging, the harming things range from some pain over to severe injuries
up to death as the worst thing to happen because of impatience.

In this case, a wheelchair driver in China seems to be upset about an elevator not being held for him.

Normal people would have waited for the elevator to return (which would have probably taken a minute or so…

But not THIS guy. Being so mad about the elevator’s departure, he innovately searched for a way to make it up to the elevator without waiting… and he finally managed to have the doors give in. In this case there’s no sympathy for the man as this is just stupidity. Deserved Death because of idiocy. An ancestor for the Darwin award 2013.

What do we learn from this? Impatience drives the most strange efflorescence.

See the video here and believe me, I am not astounded to see you wag your head and nod when I say: “Truly deserved death”

And next time, the doors of elevators will have the following sign on them:

DO NOT drive into doors
Danger of life!

Update as of December 6th, 2013:

The guy made the list of Darwin Awards 2010:

DARWIN AWARD WINNER OF THE CENTURY! Angry Wheelchair Man, the rashly rushing rammer who epitomizes the downfall of the human race.

(25 August 2010, Daejon, South Korea) An angry handicapped man, annoyed that an elevator departed without him, thinks it over before ramming his wheelchair into the doors (bam!) once, twice, three times in all. Success and failure combined as he gained access to the elevator, and plunged down the rabbit hole to his death. This 40-year-old man earns immortality as an irritated Darwin Award winner. [Video below is PG]

Stress kills. Gravity kills, too. The tragic downfall of this rash rammer provides a vivid example of natural selection in action. However, natural selection just got a check: authorities traced the “problem” not to Angry Wheelchair Man, but to elevator doors that cannot withstand a large impact. Safety regulations were strengthened after the elevator was installed, to prevent accidents “such as might happen to children and drunks.”

DARWIN AWARD WINNER OF THE CENTURY! Truly the downfall of humanity.

“Just watch the 45-second video. This is real security video, not staged, you have to see this. Pop some popcorn, crack a cold one, and enjoy.”

“I couldn’t belive this. What was he thinking??? Love, Daddo”
“Don’t worry about the lift I’ll make my own way down!”
“Persistance paid off for Won Dom Fuk!”

“Liebe, kennst du eigentlich die darwin awards?”
“Bitte lesen und ansehen.”

Here is one I consider the all-time winner. Note – the doors have clear glass inserts. We may need to double the guard at our elevators Saturday night.”

“The hidden disabilities hurt most.”
“It would seem obvious that behind a lift door lurks a lift shaft.”
What a ride down!

“You hate to laugh, but the dumbass could see the elevator wasn’t there.”

“Obviously, with no patience whatsoever, he actually got what he deserved. Poetic justice.”

( – 2010 Darwin Award Nominee)

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