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We’re in the money… we’re in the money…

It seems as if the USA have only one option to evade the debt crisis. Allow
more debts. The republicans have proposed, that the debt border line shall
be expanded with no limit until May, 18th to buy more time to find a way out
of the debt crisis. Is this the right way? Interesting is another passus.

So is one other proposal to pay no salary to the senate or representants if there’s no tax payment plan proposed from the Senate or the Representants’s house and for the fiscal year of 2014.

Ver unusual and not improving the situation at all when properly regarded. USA has a severe fiscal problem, that’s the hard truth. Smaller wars almost everywhere on the earth cost a lot of money. Reducing them would improve the situation.

Laying dry tax oases like Delaware and Cayman islands would also bring back lots of money, their own people are hiding from the IRS.

I doubt that it’s Switzerland, that hides most of the fiscal billions, the USA is missing every year. But the USA also does not want to admit, that the tax cheaters are hiding lots of money in their own country.

The “Bigger, better, faster” motto is also dragging down the US economy fast, especially when you look at all the skyscrapers built in big cities. most of them are not fully rented and thus generating red finance figures. Adding to that is the extreme unemployment rate, followed by many debt-ridden home owners who were no longer able to pay their interest rates of their home owner credit. And when we check back at the infrastructure and the common mobility solutions, the USA will need lots of money to get up to code like Europe. While most of the US cars are still gas muzzlers and burning 15-25 liters of gas per 100km, in Europe, most cars are already below the 10l-border while still being very powerful and fast.

Another weak spot is the power grid which also needs a sever overhaul in order not to collapse. Another billions of dollars to fix this.

And the train system is far from what you call “modern”. Less than 20% of the whole train system is electrified. Meaning that 80% of the lines are operated with gas-driven trains, causing lots of costs and also polluting the environment.

There are MANY construction sites in the USA and one thing is for sure: They will need LOTS of money to fix that!

I expect the USA to hit the 18 trillion spot very soon. And it won’t immediately stop there!

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