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Google and Munich S-Bahn…

…how do they relate? You may say: One can spot Munich from
atop via Google Maps and try to find all S-Bahn trainstations…
True but as of today, another service from Deutsche Bahn has
reached Internet era.

Ever imagined to see where your suburb-train is currently and if it is delayed?

Now you have it in realtime. Today I got informed that such a service is online at:

Link no longer working! – Please use the iOS or Android DB Navigator app to watch the realtime train position!

First thing I did, was to watch it and yes. Quite astounding that this thingy works actually! Unfortunately the delays haven’t reduced yet but maybe DB will now try harder to keep delays smaller.
Enough of badmouthing now.

Fact is that this online presence (an iPhone App and Android App is also in preparation and probably being released at the beginning of august ’11) works quite well in decent browsers.

The basis seems to be, how could it be else, Google with it’s Maps API. Quite an ingenious move and it once more prooves that Google has made something impressive here.

This is, what it looks like:


S-Bahn-Muenchen-Live screenshot

With this, one of my hopes have come true: That you are able to actually see if you have to wait hours for a train or not…

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