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Countries and their debts…

As you might already know, the world economy is very upset…
Bad messages every day about some country facing a complete
financial bankruptcy or at least payment difficulties and the cry
for help…

For those of you wondering what actual debts of different countries are, I searched the web for information and found different debt clocks that recflect the actual situation. I made two sections, namely the actual debt and the increase/decrease rate every day and the pro-capita debt rate.


World economies and their debts
Country Debt +/- rate per-capita debt
(81,772,000 residents)
(as of Nov 30th, 2010)
Staatsschulden pro Kopf in Deutschland Staatsschulden pro Kopf in Deutschland

(61.792.000 residents)
(as of Jun 30th, 2009)
Staatsverschuldung Großbritannien Staatsverschuldung Großbritannien
(311.484.627 residents)
(as of Jun 4th, 2011)
Staatsverschuldung USA Staatsverschuldung USA
(7’785’806 residents)
(as of Dec 31th, 2009)
Staatsverschuldung Schweiz Staatsverschuldung Schweiz
(8.404.252 residents)
(as of Jan 1st, 2011)
Staatsschulden pro Kopf in Österreich Staatsschulden pro Kopf in Österreich

I am sorry that the text within is german only but the source is from germany also, so I wrote the meaning of the column above the pictures.
To have the actual figures, press F5 to update!

Thanks to Arbeitsgemeinschaft Edelmetalle (Website) for the Debt clocks!


One might say it looks pretty grim and in fact the per-capita debt in USA is rather high especially the increase-amount of debts!

Astonishingly Switzerland is able to decrease their debt rate though it is facing rough times due to the current world economy crisis!
What makes me wondering is, that the debt capping for the USA is 14.3 trillion Dollars, yet it seems as if it is actually at 14.615 trillion Dollars!
How is that possible? I have no idea so far and another debt clock (Website) shows much more frightening stats!

If one can believe this, the USA have a total of

114.862.651.800.000 $ (yep, that’s right, 114 trillion!)

of total debt! (This number includes Social Security, Prescription drugs (Medicare Part D) and Medicare costs!

Frightening! This means the total debt per tax payer is

1.027.139 $ (yep, you read right again, over a million!!!)

How on earth do they plan to come down from this amount of debts especially that China intends to lend more money at outrageus interest rates!
The time has come that someting has to be done… but what?

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