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Videogames in the crisis? Hell, no!

Often it is read that companies have lost lots of money due to illegal copies.
Then there’s the mobile market that also takes it’s share. Finally it’s the copy
protection mechanisms that rob most games their reputation, Dilemmas as
Assassins Creed which failed to start up are only one of the many cases.

However Activision seems to have no problems at all: Their newest game, Call Of Duty: Black Ops II, has been sold for 500 million US$ just at the very first day the game came out. However in these figures you can’t see if this number applies to the PC version only or to all ports, which includes famous consoles such as the PS3 or XBox360.

One thing is for sure. If a game studio is whining about a dropping sale rate, then it must e the game itself (or the company behind it) that fails. Otherwise I can’t help to explain why CoD: Black Ops II is selling so successful, where other games simply reek.

As checkups have shown, the game seems to have been already piraced but still it does not seem to fail bringing in the green. So while I don’t think game piracy is good, it can’t be the sole reason for bad sales. I guess, the customers have woke up and don’t want to have other software crippling their hardware with anti-copying tools and finally ceasing other functionalities as well (such as backing up a DVD or listening to an audio CD and processing it to copy it onto the iPod).

I, personally, am not playing much such games like this one as my favourite genre is Strategy, Simulation where the Command&Conquer line and the Sim line can be seen in.

So let’s see what EA makes of SimCity 5 and Generals 2 – Hopefully they will enlighten again the once gloryful series again.

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