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Nintendo, Wii U and the USA

Wii U and controller unitThe Wii U will hit Stores tomorrow and it’s the most-expected console from
Nintendo since the Wii came out in 2005/2006. offering Full-HD and a con-
troller with a seperate display, there is room for a new dimension of gaming
The motion control already opened new worlds. Will the Wii U succeed?

While PS4 and XBox 720 are still in development (or already production? Who knows?), Nintendo is going to start the sales of the Wii U tomorrow in the USA. There are already lots of people preordering the new console and also stores will prepare for long lines just for the console. So hopefully, Nintendo has already produced and shipped a good amount of the console.

In Europe, the console will hit stores one week later. Hope to get my hands on the console as soon as possible, too!

initially there will be 13 games available and it’s said that classic Wii games are also compatible with the Wii U.

So let’s see, what will arrive.

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