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WhatsApp – and the license fee!

WhatsApp,known to many for their SMS replacement and issuer of the same-
named App has recently updated the app to a new version. With this update
there comes a bunch of security fixes. But also a not-so-nice “feature” is now
active on most Nokia, Android and Blackberry phones: A licence notifier!

It iasks for one dollar (0.99 US$) for a yearly subscription in order to use WhatsApp without any problems so far. Although this is annoying, the fee is just a drop on the hot stone compared to the costs, some SMS priceplans do cause. However those, who used to use WhatsApp for free are now a bit pissed off this action.

However iOS users aren’t yet affected by this. They’ve paid 1 dollar in the AppStore when the App was initially released on the iPhone.

But in times, where Line (Naver) and facebook offer similar features as WhatsApp does, this radical change may drive many users to evade to free solutions, such as Facebook Chat and the earlier mentionned LINE App

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