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Nintendo and Sony – The results!

Nintendo and Sony – archrivals since the very beginning of the game console
era. Even now it seems as if Nintendo seems to be much more successful as
these figures underline: While the PS Vita is sold 3 million times, the 3DS has
been sold 22 million times. A factor of 7 to 1 for Nintendo.

At the beginning, even the PS3 and the XBox where slow in sales, while the Wii has been sold over 80 million times in about 3 years, just recently, the PS3 has been sold 70 million times – after about 6 years – that is!

So what keeps Nintendo on track? I guess it’s also the games which concentrate more on the content and not so much on the graphic details. The content is, what brings fun into a game. And Nintendo always seems to hit the spot. While PS3, PSVita & Co. are exposing theirselves with outrageous screen resolutions, the hardware of Nintendo’s consoles seem to be rather mediocre.

Yet Nintendo is able to sell more consoles and handhelds in shorter time than it’s competitors.

I guess it has to do with the fact, that Nintendo just sells gaming equipment for more than 30 years now.

Let alone to remember the legendary NES which came out in 1982!

And Nintendo will bring out the Wii U soon. So keep on coming back here for updated info when the console hits stores and probably my living room!

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