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Onlinebanking insecure using smartphones?

Onlinebanking using the smartphone seems smart. That’s why some hackers
have brought out a trojan virus for Android devices which is capable of
tracing the mTAN. This mTAN is necessary for authorizing payments over
the internet. Usually mTAN should be secure but with this trojan, it ain’t!

So for now you’d better reconsider doing your online banking using Android-based smartphones. But it seems as there’s an update for this flaw already on it’s way.

This is how you might find out that your device is compromitted.

When using an mTAN for authorizing a payment, your bank (this isn’t true) tells you you have to install a security update which actually installs the trojan horse instead.

Using the computer, there are the access credentials which are hacked. So while authenticating using mTAN, your password and username are also spied on.

The trojan itself on the smartphone is for tracing the mTAN SMS and redirecting it onto another cell phone number.

First attempts with the trojan seemed to be successful: The victims’ accounts have been not only totaled to zero, nope even the Dispo limit has been taken to maximum eaving the victims a big load of debt.


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