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Apple in the crisis?

When it comes to apple, most of you may think: Innovative manufacturer of
cool gadgets with high potential. A real strong stock market value also has
given you this idea. With the release of the iPhone 5, while the stock market
value per share was 700 US$, nowadays, the value has dropped to 558 US$.

So what’s going wrong at Apple that the stock shares have lost about 1/5 of their maximum value?

There are those who say, that Apple has reached their maximum capacity for producing gadgets. There’s nothing more to issue for Apple one does not have already.

others say, it’s the onloing lack of innovation, such as the refurbishment of already-issued gadgets. You just can’t expect people to throw away a still-good-working tablet PC in order to buy an upgraded one with almost the same functionality! The same goes for the iPhone. Nothing much new except a faster processor and a bigger screen. This alone isn’t enough to dazzle the people to buy the newest version of the spoken gadgets.

So finally it’s Apple’s fate that they have rushed the markets so extensively. While other cellphone manufacturers seem to gain strength on the markets, it seems as if Apple is no longer able to produce gadgets that are up to code. So what will Apple do in order to stop the free fall of their stock shares? Again sueing off the pants of Samsung? Or going to ban all other competitors for violating bogus patents?

Nobody will know for sure but Apple has lost much reputation for sueing all it’s competitors. People get more economic and also let the price decide of what to buy and what not. Here we have the iPad mini and the Galaxy Tab 7. While the iPad Mini comes with just WLAN link, the Galaxy Tab 7 also understands the communication with 3G networks.

And the same with the “new iPad (iPad 3)” and the iPad 4. They just made the new iPad a tad faster, same screen, and LTE seems now to work worldwide. Many people are pissed of such treatment as a well-equipped iPad 3 (64GB memory, WiFi+3G) is priced at 900US$ and now just 9 months later, Apple wants one to buy a slightly better iPad for the same price tag? It’s a harsh way to say to one’s customers: Buy the new iPad to benefit from the new technology we have already promised with the last model.

Maybe it’s time for Apple to row back to the once legendary statement “think different” and not pusing out ipdates of already-existing gadgets every year or shorter.

Things, announced but not released yet: Apple TV

Good ideas but discarded for some bogus excuses: the Mac Pro, Mac Mini, Mac XServer, MacBook Pro 17″

Maybe it’s time for Tim Cook to think back at the times what made Apple a big global player…

And for once, this question is much of true nature: Apple, quo vadis?

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