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When the Bronx meets Bern

Bern is undergoing a rapid change when it comes to the club scene.
Clubs close, but also there are new ones opening. One of the new
stars in Bern is the Bronx Bar which is opening doors today. A
modern club with modern interior is awaiting you.

And you’ll get excellent drinks and food when you need some more fuel for dancing and partying! Way to go!

Speaking of that, to name the legendary “Zerstörer” (Destroyer) which is mixed by Roland, is just one of all the fine cocktails you will be served. And if you feel that you need something to eat, there will be fine American-style food also.

It’s location is just at the city border, to be exact: Ittigen, which is one of the agglomeration towns of Bern. Easily reachable with the public transport there will be a shuttle service from December onwards who brings all the party people from and to Bern. The reason for the club to be a tad outside the city of Bern is simple: The citizens of Bern don’t have to face loud music in the night and probably loud people who are smoking outside and talking. And for the party people there’s the advantage that the club doesn’t have to close it’s doors at 3:30a.m. as it would have to when located in the city centre.

The fact that there will be a shuttle service from December onwards make this club even easier to reach and you’re also safe to go clubbing!

If you think, the Bronx Bar is going to close early, well, think again!

It’s opening times are as follows:

Thursdays: Private events and pre-arranged events
Fridays: 10:00p.m. to 6:00 a.m
Saturdays: 10:00p.m. to 8:00a.m.

All in all there’s just one thing to say:  I am really looking forward to see the Bronx Bar in action today. A new club gem for Bern is opening today!

Visit the Bronx Bar homepage – Club and Site closed

There is also an article in the local newspaper about the Bronx Bar (german): Read it!Archived PDF, if Link dead

Here are some pictures to give you first impressions (pictures are courtesy of Berner Zeitung)

This is the entrance to Bern’s new club jewel – Ey 5, Ittigen.


Massimo and Roland, the dreamteam behind the Bronx Bar.


Nostalgic, yet modern!


A spacy Fumoir will also serve smokers’ needs.


Rough but stylish ambiente.


A modern lighting concept for the dancefloor…


…allowing some nifty effects to spice up the ambiente!


How cool is this idea of a DJ stand?


Again the 12 flatscreens that light the dancefloor

Update April 12th, 2019:

Bronx Bar has closed it’s doors long ago – The site remained for some time. Let’s remember these cool times though!

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