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NYPD officers shoot knife-armed man

When it comes to police and USA, you’d better know how to behave. One
man in New York hd the bad luck to face NYPD officers with an itchy
trigger finger and got shot. The problem: He was armed with a knife and
seems to have offended the officers. 12 bullets ended this man’s life!

Now one would say, that it ain’t uncommon that someone gets shoot in the USA but in this case it’s in midst New York in the near of Times Square and in midst of the day.

Many people have filmed this tragic accident as I would consider this because bulleting the man with 12 shots isn’t what you call “act in self-defence”.

Especially the fact that both(!) officers fired their guns. 2 times 6 bullets from a 45mm gun doesn’t give you much survival chances!

This footage video shows the whole thing:

Warning! The following video material may not be suitable for young viewers. Please mind this when watching this video!




Here’s the video:

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